I'm mostly known for stuff related with CroTeam. I've been involved in testing their philosophical first-person puzzle game called The Talos Principle. I've been also testing (and kinda still am due to project nature) Serious Sam Fusion. I also did some work on Serious Sam: Revolution (back in the days where this game was actually alive) which included beta-testing, some community management (Steam HUB, game's FB page, and stuff like that) and programming.

Probably another thing worth mentioning is that I made some apps, more or less useful for some. I guess mostly worth mentioning would be the GMod Ultimate Mount Tool for Garry's Mod game, and a Serious Sam Fusion Toolkit. Both apps were written in C# in my free time, so they lack proper updates, but I try to take care of them as much as I can.

I also wrote this website on my own, so I guess I could say I have some HTML skills. Back in the day I made some simple websites, some of them with PHP and MySQL too, but these projects were mostly private stuff, so cannot really show anything here.

Any other stuff that I haven't mentioned here would probably be somewhere on my linkedin profile.
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