Because I was bored and wanted to make my life easier, I decided to start a project of a Toolkit for Serious Sam Fusion. It's a still evolving package of tools that are somehow supposted to simplify your work with the game.

Current tools list:

Game Launcher - does pretty much what it says. Similar to my old app that did somewhat exactly same thing with classics. The idea behind that app was the fact that you can launch Fusion with specific game title as starting title, not just the last played one, with launch parameter. With this tool you can select the game title you want to start with, including moddable version (I also plan to add support for custom gtitles in the future, when the support for them in engine actually starts to exist).

Dedicated Server GUI - a GUI for dedicated server of the game (based on Angelo's GUIs for HD and BFE) allowing more user-friendly server setup. Made mostly with help of Melody's guide on how to set up the server, as the official documentation on the dedi itself is not yet ready.

Download link for the newest version is here (ver. 1.1)
Legacy versions are: ver. 1.0

Instalation goes by putting the apps in the directory of exes of Fusion (steam/steamapps/common/serious sam fusion 2017/bin/x64).

Of course any questions or feedback are welcome and will be replied by e-mail, or in Steam community tool thread.
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