Anyone here remembers gm_mount? An addon for GMod that allowed you to mount content from literally any Source game or mod for maximum variety of stuff? Sadly, it's dead for some time now. That's why I decided to make something similar, using nothing else but some coding knowledge, and GMod knowledge as well.

Using a custom mounting file structure I wrote an app that automatically generates such file based on your preferences of what Steam games or Source mods you would like to use in game. That app is, as you probably already noticed, The Ultimate GMod Mount Tool.

The app uses a database written by me and some of the facepunch forum users that helped me in cases I didn't own particular game. The newest version of the database and of the app itself are stored on this very server, and are constantly updated. Don't worry, there's an update function too, you don't have to redownload whole thing by yourself with each update. Also, older versions are also stored on my dropbox, in case something fails in the newest one (and for legacy reasons).

When mounting a game or mod that is available on Steam, the database will also give you informations about how good stuff will work in GMod, or how broken it is, because despite the fact you can mount literally anything, some older source games are having really hard time trying to be loaded by GMod.

Download link here (for the newest versions of all stuff combined).

And now, some usefull links and informations!

List of games and mods that database currently contains is available here. Missing something what you got and would like to see the support? Let me know by e-mail, or in app facepunch thread.

Stuff that doesn't work at all (and believe me I tried) and probably won't work in the future anyway: Stuff that I would like to add, but do not own (have these games, or even one of them? e-mail me or post a reply on mentined facepunch thread): Of course if you found a way to mount these, even if it's tricky let me know - I can always make some specific case support in the app, I just couldn't get it to work as much as I tried.

And now, the FAQ:

Q: Why are games already supported by GMod not in the app too? I would like to set all the config in one place!
A: Think of it more as a separate app for games that are not officialy supported. That's why the app itself only changes the mount.cfg, and not the game mounting configuration itself. I may add support for it in the future if people really want to tho, I just see it as pointless in the time being.

Q: What exactly does the app change? What should I worry about?
A: The only thing the app touches is the mount.cfg. If you have anything in that file that you set up by yourself - make a backup, as the app rewrites it completly from scratch. Also keep in mind that app searches through your Windows Registry to see what Steam source games/mods are installed.

Q: Why I cannot see a map/model in-game after mounting, why stuff breaks, generally bad stuff happens as it shouldn't?
A: You should remember that while app mounts the game/mod in the Garry's Mod, it doesn't provide full support. There's always a risk that it might not work as we could expect it to. For example, stuff from Dark Messiah almost doesn't work at all, due to the old file system which was not updated, maps from Contagion do not load, and Black Mesa maps are all usually messed up. Tho to make you happier, stuff from regular Source Mods work just fine and there weren't any problems with it during tests. To make it all easier, all official Steam games are provided with previously mentioned "Support Level" infos, which will tell you what works, and how, and what doesn't.
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